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*Video* ‘Love Ya’ MV Revealed!

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*News* Park Jung Min’s online shopping mall to launch a new brand!

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Park Jung Min of SS501 will be working with renowned designer Song Hye Myung.

Park Jung Min’s online shopping mall “Royal Avenue” ( will be launching a new brand ‘Royal Straight Flush W + M’ which is a combination of works from popular designers such as Song Hye Myung and many others.

On the 27th, according to officials, the shopping mall will be launching authentic designer clothing for the first time, since it has been attracting attention because of Jung Min’s name, now the shopping mall will be a combination of Popularity and professionalism from it’s products.

Works by Song Hye Myung for “Royal Straight Flush W + M” will be available starting on the 7th of June through online and offline stores. It is a unique brand that will sure capture the interest of fashion enthusiasts.

*Info* Dream Concert on May 30 at SBS Inkigayo confirmed notice (+schedule change on 6/6)

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A brief translation of SBS notice:

2010 Dream Concert to be broadcast on May 30 at SBS Inkigayo and,

Due to Memorial Day-related programming, June 6 broadcast SBS Inkigayo will not be opened for audience

In this regard, application for audience

Filing period for recorded on June 13

By extending Application from June 6th will be received.

Thank you

*Video* (Chinese Sub) SS501 news report at Dream Concert 2010 @ ETN News TV

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*Triple S* SS501 Album signing event on 5/30 bulletin released

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Hello. This is DSP media

This is 5 / 30 SS501 celebrate album release signing event related announcements.

SS501-DESTINATION released celebration Fan signing with Fantastic record.

Place: KBS 88 Gymnasium Section 1

★ Date: 2010 05/ 30 (Sat) 04:30 pm ~
★ How to participate: 1) From May 28 11:00 am until May 29 10:00 pm

Customers who purchase SS501-DESTINATION Special Edition album at Fantastic Records Gangnam, Centra,Yongsan I’Park Mall)

total 750 people

1. Draw 2. First come first served (Final notice will be confirmed on 5/27)

[Music Distributors]
Southern Fantastic: Gangnam Underground Shopping Center 5 Front of the exit (02-512-5011)
Yongsan I’Park Mall Fantastic: Yongsan Minja History 6th floor (02-2012-0655)
Fantastic Central: Central City, B1 Floor (02-6282-3697)


1. Every signing number is according to arrival time, 1 person per ticket (Signing day a person can only join one time, and not duplicate.)

2. This CD is purchased as part signings.  Exchanges and refunds will be made.

3. People who received a number of signings, please come 1 hour before the start of signing your autograph, colored bracelets (1 of 5 color Randomly) will be distributed to wear under the guidance of the staff positions will continue. (Color Bracelet have 150 each by color)

Members will have two color drawn —-> 1-75 people (First drawn), 76-150 people (Second drawn) will be conducted at random.

If you purchased the album and should probably take a number, please bring to attend the signing.

Replication, and lost a number of signings can not participate.

This event may be subject to ongoing change and cancellation without prior notice.

For more information related to the signing event -5/30 will be announced tomorrow (5.27)
Please check announcements.

Thank you

[DSP Media]

*Video* SS501 Kim Hyun Joong new “Samsung Card” CF

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*Video* SS501 focus “Let me be the one” + “Only One Day” @ Dream Concert 2010 (SOJU HANJAN)

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