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*Photo* SS501 Signature Card “Destination” Taiwan Version

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*News/Photo* SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and U-Kiss Kim Ki Bum brothers attended Actor “Park Yong-ha” Funeral

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Actor Park Yong-ha commits suicide

South Korean actor and singer Park Yong-ha has been found dead at his house in southern Seoul on Wednesday, the police said.

Park’s mother found him lifeless hanging from a cell phone charging cable in his room, according to the police.

After repeatedly saying “I’m sorry” to his family including his father who is suffering from a stomach cancer at around 0:40 a.m., he went into his room, local news reports said.

He earned his fame as a hallyu celebrity through TV drama “Winter Sonata.” Park was particularly popular among fans in Japan and Southeast Asia.

He was also scheduled to play the lead role in upcoming drama “Love Song,” a remake of the film “Chum Mil Mil,” with actress Yoon Eun-hye.



Hyung Jun and Ki Bum attended the Funeral:

*News* ‘SS501′ Kim Hyung Joon, “I can not believe, too good as a brother but…”

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Group ‘SS501′ member Kim Hyung Joon (23) sobbed to Park Yong-ha’s death.

Kim Hyung Jun arrived with his brother ‘U-Kiss’ member Kim Ki bum at the temporary room where a coffin is placed which is prepared as the place of funeral service at Kangnam St. Mary’s Hospital, Seocho-gu, Seoul Balpo-dong, Seoul immediately after the death news of Park Yong-ha on the 30th morning

In a telephone interview with AFP, Kim Hyung Jun with the crying voice said “I can not believe it. What I do not know what’s going on.” and “How did this happen …” as cannot resume the talking.

After Kim Hyung Joon said with tears “Want to meet yesterday but cannot meet, see today also did the talk.”

Kim Hyung-joon when SS501 is active in Japan, has maintained a close relationship with Park Yong-ha who also as a singer in Japan.  When came back to Korea, Park Yong-ha is like the real elder brother to Hyung Jun who follow and went on a close relationship.

Park Yong-ha willingly did a guest appearance to keep his loyalty for Kim Hyung-joon who is DJ to “Kim Hyung-joon Music high” of SBS radio shoe which processed at 3:00 a.m. in live broadcast.

Kim Hyung Joon said want to thank him at the time “Brother Yong Ha had little appearances in radio show but came to the program at 3:00 a.m. which I process”

*News* SS501 Will Continue Despite Kim Hyun-joong Departing DSP Entertainment

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All eyes have been on the frontman of SS501, Kim Hyun-joong, over the end of his contract with DSP Entertainment. Final confirmation arrived via many major news outlets early June 29th stating that Kim has indeed decided to leave DSP Entertainment for Keyeast Entertainment. Keyeast is where many well-known actors are signed under, including Bae Yong-joon (whom Kim Hyun-joong was sighted with before the official decision was made), Park Ye-jin, Bong Tae-gyoo, Lee Bo-young, Lee Na-young, and Hwanhee. Many have speculated that this decision will push him further into the acting realm.
Just because Kim has made his decision doesn’t put the bigger issue to rest: what will happen to SS501? The main possible options were that the group would break up, the group woud continue without their leader, or that they would continue their group activities with Kim signed under a different agency. Another related issue is that if Kim does indeed leave the group, will there be a new member to replace him?
Amid these speculations, Kim spoke out to Sports Korea saying that SS501 will not be breaking up. He said that although the remaining members have yet to make their decision regarding their contract with DSP, there are no plans at present for the group coming to an end. He said that whether he leaves and is replaced, or stays as the group’s leader, the group as a whole will go on. DSP reported that as the other members are currently on vacation, their final decisions will not be made until they return.

*Info* Key East entertainment sent a email message to Hyun Joong’s Fanclub “김현중Perfect”

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The email content:

Hi, This is from KEYEAST.

Kim HyunJoong & KEYEAST belong to one family today.The first thing to do is saying ”Hello” to you guys who are always with HyunJoong.

It’s the first greeting with delight to all of fans.
The fresh start of Kim HyunJoong&KEYEAST is for showing better performance.

KEYEAST has already recognized that Kim HyunJooung is a striving artist better than anyone else for providing great singing and acting to fans.

With putting our unsparing support into his efforts, it could be improved the unlimited possibility as a Singer & Acotor not remain current ability and be an worldwide entertainer to surpass Asia.

Also, we make a greater effort with lending an ear to your precious opinions so KEYEAST would be able to povide more good news.

We just want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continuing support, and ask for your unwavering support to taking a starting step.

May health, happiness and good times greet you each day.

Thank you


Yours very truly, KEYEAST

*Video* SS501 tvN Newton “X-Concert” full version

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Snow Prince


Let Me Be The One


Green Peas


Love Ya


Love Like This


Until Forever

*Info* Kim Hyun Joong Japan official website will be open soon

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