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*Video* Kim Hyung Jun sings Come Back Again on Music High

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*Info* Introduction of “SS501 Sugoroku” special Benefit from Japan official site

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The package box of the SS501 figure was completed!

You can probably design the Package ?

The figures are even more cool mended in the package box.

Later, which is appeared at the side of the box is “SS501 Sugoroku”

Produces as a benefit to you when you purchase both the Figure set and travel set.  It is super rare!!

The squares are the SS501 Quiz… The goal is probably simple if you are only the SS501 fan !?

By all means, the fan with everyone please enjoy together ☆

Figure set, is currently in production, will be able to delivery to your hand in late August.

Hot day continues everyday, when spending the day, please take care of yourself.

*Info* Kim Hyun Joong “Playful Kiss” ~ Baek Seung Jo’s Result – 500 marks!

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(Even though this is just one small photo) Baek SeungJo’s Fans!!
One student from So Myung Girls’ High said this was taken secretly! Baek SeungJo got full marks 500 marks for the mock exam at Pa Rang High School!
In the original comic, the result is given grades from 1st to the last, but in our country, we use 1, 2, 3 (not too sure how they grade in Korea) for grading~~
The production team is really detailed. Keke
Anyways, I just saw this photo ^^ he got full 500 marks for the mock exam!
Only Baek SeungJo’s result is eye-catching! That is the result graph of the whole school~
500 marks Baek SeungJo is indicated there, keke
And thereafter, there are afew students with 480 marks…450 marks, etc, that’s how the graph is being plotted~

*Product* SS501 official product from sendmall ~ SS little ball Ring

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Extraordinary sense ~ SS little ball Ring

Price: 14,000 won
Points: 140
Product Code: 200816
Manufacturer: Send4U
Shipping costs: 2500 (or purchases 30,000 won for free)

*Info/Photo* Some spots in Kim Hyun Joong DATV “Just the way you are” interview

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*Triple S* Kim Hyung Jun tweets about his birthday cake

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*Info/Photo* Kim Hyung Jun bought new furniture @ Mirage

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The message from Mirage employee to Hyung Jun and Hyung Jun’s signature

SS501 – Kim Hyung Jun – Visite Mirage buyer review

Now leader of the Hallyu Wave of course for domestic fans too

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun gave a visit to Mirage

It is too nice to actually meet you

Also I hope you can be excellent and good in the future

Thank you for visiting

– South Korean direct import antique furniture, Mirage employees ildung –

The import Mirage Furniture Hyung Jun bought