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*Info* Kim Hyun Joong TV series “Naughty Kiss’ press conference – Q & A session translation

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From left, singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong and actress Jung So-min pose during a photocall of a press conference for MBC TV series “Naughty Kiss” held at the Imperial Palace hotel in Seoul, South Korea on August 26, 2010. [Group 8]

“Will fans of Kim Hyun-joong please exit the room to facilitate the interviews?” The host of the press conference for upcoming MBC TV series “Naughty Kiss” had to repeat this line several times during a Q&A session. The show had drawn people’s interest due to the popularity of the original Japanese comic series combined with the participation of director Hwang In-roe of hit series “Goong” fame. And it became a ‘hot’ drama even before going into production after singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong’s casting for the show was announced. Will the interest be reflected in its ratings? Below are excerpts from the press conference held at Seoul’s Imperial Palace hotel on Thursday.

Q: How do you feel about starring in “Naughty Kiss”?
Jung So-min: I went into “Bad Boy” not knowing anything but this time, I’m trying to be careful, taking many things into consideration.
Kim Hyun-joong: I’m working on improving on the aspects I lack in. I’m not trying to be acknowledged for my acting skills — I just want to make people feel that I’ve worked hard for the role. I think there have been a lot of dramas which are serious these days and none that are cheerful and sweet so I hope viewers will have fun watching it.

Q: Director Hwang In-roe, you’ve gone back to doing a love story about a young man and woman like in “Goong.” What is the message that you want to deliver?
Hwang: Upon seeing these bright and cheerful characters, I hope people will feel that they look sweet together and are loveable.

Q: What is your opinion on the original comic series?
Hwang: When I first read it, I felt that it was cute. (laugh) But the more I looked closely at it to produce the show, the more I started to realize why people enjoy it and I started seeing things that I shouldn’t leave out. It wasn’t easy to go with the flow of the original series though. We have to show the story of the two going to college but Korea and Japan work under different educational systems so I had a tough time changing it. (laugh)

Q: The video clip revealed a few moments ago showed that the show has a very strong comic-like vibe to it.
Hwang: It’s based on a comic so I tried to bring out the strengths that comics have. And this is about showing the process of how the love between a man and woman come true so I’m trying to express the emotions of young people. I’m focusing particularly hard on the rhythm. And for the parts where Oh Hani imagines things, I’m trying to make those seem more comic book-like. But there’s a limit to it as well because you don’t have much freedom in terms of frame usage so I’m trying to show it more through characters’ expressions.

Scenes from upcoming MBC TV series “Naughty Kiss.” [MBC]

Q: Why did you cast Kim Hyun-joong and Jung So-min?
Hwang: It was as if they were the characters that popped out of the comic. And I think they’ve done well so far in trying to express what I want. There are some things they lack at because they’re still newcomers but I think that actually suits the show better. I’m trying to do a good job of delivering what they’re trying to express rather than demand for certain points.

Q: Kim Hyun-joong, you play the role of Baek Seung-jo who is a genius and good at everything. Don’t you feel any pressure in having to play such a role?
Kim: He’s someone who is good not only at his studies but at sports too so I have to learn the proper posture even for when he’s running in a race. And since I’m supposed to be a genius, I have to be at ease when teaching Jung So-min her studies. So it’s very hard. (laugh) I’ve also been trying to pronounce my words outwardly when saying my lines because I think I mumbled when I did “Boys Over Flowers.”

Q: Jung So-min, you took on “Naughty Kiss” right after “Bad Boy.” Was this difficult?
Jung: I had a hard time because of that. The shoots overlapped a bit and my two characters were so different that I was having a hard time psychologically because I was worried I might not do well. I think I have been improving now that one is over.Q: Is your character Oh Hani like you in any ways?
Jung: My character Monet from “Bad Boy” was similar to me in a way and I think the same thing about this character as well. It’s as if I maximize on the aspects that exist within me to a certain extent.


Q: All the characters have unrealistic sides to them. What’s your interpretation of yours?
Kim Hyun-joong: As much as they’re unrealistic, I think I’ll be able to show more unique sides to them than I would be able to in conventional dramas. And Baek Seung-jo is a genius so he sometimes uses words that I don’t usually use so I have a hard time with those. For scenes related to studying, I need to be natural with it so I actually study those parts and make sure I understand them. I’m doing the studying that I hadn’t done in high school for “Naughty Kiss.” (laugh)


Q: Which parts are you paying a lot of attention to in order to establish your character? What’s the difference between your character now and Yoon Ji-hoo from “Boys Over Flowers”?

Kim: When I acted the role of Yoon Ji-hoo, I tried to become a tender person so I kept myself from even letting out sounds of my breath. But I think I could do a bit more yelling this time. (laugh) I think there’ll be scenes where I’ll ruin my image and I’m trying to show more of an aggressive disposition because I have to speak in a more rudely than Yoon Ji-hoo did. And I saw the clip that was shown earlier on — it seems like they’ve done a good job with the corrections. (laugh)

Q: Have you ever cringed playing the role of a genius who is good at everything? (laugh)
Kim: During yesterday’s shoot, there was a scene where Oh Hani says to me, “You’re good at everything, running as well…” to which I’ll say, “Yes, I’m good at basketball and swimming as well.” But I felt a bit embarrassed doing this because I’m not a genius. (laugh)

Q: Singers and actors work in different environments. Have you adjusted well to the set of the drama?
Kim: I’m been trying hard to. Singing is about showing a perfect three minutes and 30 seconds on stage but dramas are about waiting and preparing for long hours and then filming for long hours with the results out on the day of its showing. I think that’s why there’s more of an excitement about that wait. But I feel more natural as a singer since it’s what I’ve been doing for a long time.

Q: How is it playing the role of a high school student? You’ve kept on playing that role including in “Boys Over Flowers.”
Kim: I had actually thought for a bit before the interview whether this will be my last high school student role. There are certain types of roles that I want to try playing but I want to put that aside for now.

Q: You’re being called the next generation Hallyu star. What are your plans regarding your activities in Japan?
Kim: I honestly think there’s a bubble to being called that. When I go to Japan, I don’t go outside much so I don’t know if I’m popular and I don’t think I’ve been able to go to Asia much so far. I heard there are a few fans out there waiting for me (laugh) so no matter how small the number, I would like to go on tour in Asia after the drama ends.

Q: Do you feel that your popularity or life has changed?
Kim: I did back then and I do till now — I live my life fiercely. I think I should work even harder because an increasing number of talented people are debuting.


Q: What did your agency’s chief Bae Yong-jun say about “Naughty Kiss”?
Kim: He said he’d visit the set sometime.

Q: Do you meet him often? What do you talk about when you meet him?
Kim: I think we meet two to three times a week. He said I should work hard at the drama (laugh) and when we meet, I drink green tea and he’ll drink coffee. We don’t talk too much about work. We talk about stuff that other guys usually do. (laugh)

Q: How far are you into the shoot? I hear there is going to be a scene where you show some skin when Baek Seung-jo and Oh Hani go to the beach. (laugh)
Kim: We’ve only shot up till the fourth episode now so we haven’t done that scene yet. We’re leaving to the beach soon and I’ll do it if the director asks me too but Baek Seung-jo probably doesn’t need to show any skin, does he? (laugh)


*News* Kim Hyung Jun don’t want to be labelled as cute. Disclose Hyun Joong did not give him a birthday present

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SS501′s maknae Kim Hyung Jun came to Singapore alone, stated that he did not want to be called ‘cute’ in future. His birthday just ended in early August and disclosed that leader Hyun Joong never give him a birthday present, and complained that he is a “bad boy”.

Kim Hyung Jun is one of the members in korea band SS501. Since June when their contract with their previous company ended, each member has gradually take turns to signed with other companies. Recently, he also signed with S-Plus entertainment company, starting his “solo” activities.

Yesterday, Kim Hyung Jun came to Singapore for the first time as an individual and help a showcase at Republic Poly. About 80% of the tickets are sold by the organisers.

Apart from performing <Girls>, <Mars Men, Venus Women> and <I Am> together with his korean dancers, he also played games with 20 lucky fans. Being articulate, he kept showcasing his English by throwing praising words to the fans, making everyone super elated.

Hyung Jun was very touched by the fans’ enthusiasm. Being an emotional person, he cried after watching the video and song specially created and written for him by fanclub.

Hyung Jun stated:”i am nervous as i came to Singapore alone. Therefore, i did alot of preparation in Korea. Seeing so many fans supporting me, i am very touched and also very happy. i hope in future, i am able to stay in Singapore”.

Wanted to become “manly”, don’t want to be praise as “cute”.

Handsome Kim Hyung Jun is the maknae(youngest) in Ss501, fans nicknamed him as “Baby”, had turned 22 years old on the 3rd of August. Even though he protrayed his cuteness during the showcase, but during xinmsn’s interview, he said that he did not want to be labelled as cute in future!

Kim Hyung Jun told the reporter: “Up til last year, i am ok with fans saying that i am cute. But this year, i changed my mindset, hoping that fans will praise me as being charismatic and manly.

He spoke in English, seriously:”i’m a man”.

Kim Hyung Jun proudly clenched his fist, stating recently he is keen in working out in the gym. He also watched quite a number of dramas, learning how the male leads protray their mature side. He chuckled that he likes to watch kissing scenes, as he felt that it is very manly.

Kissing scene with female actress? Kim Hyung Jun: very shy!

However, even though likes to see others kiss, but when being ask about his view of intimate scenes in his future acting projects, he is unable to conceal his shyness.

Kim Hyung Jun stated that he is willing to follow the directions of the director. The reporter saw Hyung Jun said “please” to the camera, asked if that implied that he wished to have kissing scenes. He quickly reply:”Kissing scenes? i am shy! But, no matter is what character, what scene, i will do my very best. And, after all, it is only acting”.

Kim Hyung Jun disclosed that if able to have the opportunity to work with female artiste like Shin Min Ah(model) and Kim Tae Hee(actress), he will be very honoured.

As for what role he wanted to act, Kim Hyung Jun said that due to the fact that he watched Lee Byeong Heon acted in , thus he hope to act as someone with a strong character, one which is able to leave a deep impression in people, eg. killer.

Disclosed leader Kim Hyun Joong has poor memory, forgets about his birthday.

Actually, ever since Ss501 gradually started on their individual activities, fans are most concerned about when they will gathered together again.As per mentioned by the other members before, Kim Hyung Jun reassured that signing contract with new management company and kicked start solo activities, does not mean that SS501 is disband.

“We are still together, our relationship is also very good. If possible, we hope to stand on stage together as soon as possible. While focusing on our individual careers now, we are still planning and preparing for our future concert and performance”.


Early August, Kim Hyung Jun had a fanmeeting in Korea to celebrate his birthday. Every members appeared apart fr leader Hyun Joong due to busy filming schedules. Baby is touched to tears seeing them, protrayed Ss501 great relationship.

Will Kim Hyun Joong make up the present in future? Hyung Jun happily disclosed that “Hyun Joong is quite forgetful, cannot remember important stuffs, but i believe that even though he is away busy with filming, but deep in his heart, he will congratulate me”.

Speaking of presents, Hyung Jun sighed:”No present. This is not the first time, i am not surprised”.

Hyung Jun even took the chance to “scold” leader, “Bad boy, Leader bad!”. Seems like he is really used to Hyun Joong’s forgetfulness, and did not put it to heart.

Next, Hyung Jun is expected to participate in a musical, and will released his solo album next year, plus involvement in dramas. In addition, he also plan to start a business with his brother Kim Ki Bum(U-Kiss member) and become his own boss.

*News* Park Jung Min’s First Public Appearance Since Switching Companies

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Ever since SS501‘s contract expired everyone’s been anxiously waiting to see what the boys would do next. With Kim HyunJoong‘s drama Mischievous kiss on the way, its finally time for Park JungMin to re appear in public. This is to be his first public appearance since transferring companies.

On the 30th of August, in a undisclosed area of Gangnam, Seoul, Park Jungmin will make his first public appearance by attending the launch ceremony of his company CNR Media. The reason he is gaining so much attention is that it’s the first time he’s appearing in public since the official transfer news was announced.

His new agency, CNR Media, was created by a collaboration with Taiwan’s Ritz Comic Drama Production Company and South Korea’s Roy Media. As the company is built through foreign collaboration, this is said to be helpful for Jungmin’s activities around Asia.

An agency official also said “For Park JungMin’s future domestic activities, as well as to undertake more aggressive activities in throughout other Asian counties, the big goal is to have a firm position in Asia.”

With this said, it looks like SS501′s sexy charisma won’t be disappearing from the public eye very soon, we wish him lots of luck with his future. So what do you think, ready to see Park Jungmin back in action?

*Video* Kim Hyung Jun “Music High” Open webcam on 8/10

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*News* Kim Hyun Joong had been in a relationship for 5 times?

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On the 21st August at Tokyo International Forum, the korean version of “Boys over Flowers” alumni event was held. Casts Goo HyeSun, Kim HyunJoong, Kim Jun and Kim Bum attended. Lee MinHo had some personal schedule so he couldn’t participate. On the official site of “Boys over Flowers”, comments and videos were left respectively after the casts were decided for attendance.

There was a “Boys over Flowers – Graduation Event” in April where many fans came together with the casts to express separation. In just 4 months, this alumni event was decided for hold, looking back, this event seemed to be the common place where fans are waiting for to come together again for reunion. A total of 14,000 and counting fans were present at these 4 sessions held respectively at Osaka and Tokyo with 2 showtimes per day.Navicon has captured footage of the noontime session and will deliver more through “Want to know more about Korean dramas!” — “Event Report Corner”. So keep anticipating.

On this day’s event, the front part was talks and games. The latter part was music show. In the front part of games corner, Kim Jun posed the “how many times did you kiss” question towards Kim Bum. He wasn’t able to answer, so he drank Noni Juice. Though both of them drank to Noni Juice because of tough and naughty questions, Kim Hyun Joong didn’t. When asked how many times he’s been in a relationship (how many times he’s loved), he answered honestly with a handsign of ‘FIVE’ (5), laughing to a marvelous number with that,which caused a little stir amongst crowd that day.

During the singing part, Goo Hyesun sung her self-composed song “Brown colored hair”, T-max where Kim Jun is part of appeared on stage and sung to their songs.


It is expected that more details on this event will be released on 22nd on the ”Want to know more about Korean dramas!” — “Event Report Corner” on

*News* Kim Hyun Joong wraps up “Boys Over Flowers” reunion

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Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong successfully wrapped up the “Boys Over Flowers” reunion over the weekend, according to his agency KEYEAST on Monday.

KEYEAST announced that Kim recently returned to Korea after meeting with over 10,000 fans for the “Boys Over Flowers” reunion in Osaka and Tokyo on August 18 and 21, respectively, with fellow cast mates Ku Hye-sun, Kim Bum and Kim Jun.

At the event held at the Tokyo International Forum, Kim Hyun-joong told fans of incidents from behind-the-scenes of “Boys Over Flowers” as well as his upcoming drama MBC’s “Naughty Kiss.”

He also held a special individual performance where he sang and danced for the audience.

An industry official in Japan said, “Kim is the current generation’s Hallyu star and since he will be starring as the male lead in ‘Kiss,’ which is originally based on a Japanese comic, I am interested in his future projects as an actor and singer in Korea and Japan as well as other Asian countries.”

Kim, 23, made his debut as a member of the boy band SS501. In late-June, he signed an exclusive contract with KEYEAST, whose major shareholder is Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon.

Kim rose to fame as one of the members of F4 on the hit TV series “Boys Over Flowers” and is currently shooting the Korean adaptation of the comic “Itazura na Kiss,” opposite actress Jung So-min. The show will go on air starting September 1.

*News* Kim Hyun Joong ‘BOF Alumni Event’ ~ Tokyo official news

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A luxurious alumni event of Boys over Flowers was held at the Tokyo International Forum today. This time’s event is Boys over Flowers’ 4th event in Japan, approximately 10,000K and more gathered together for this event. Short-haired Hyesun, growing increasingly musculine HyunJoong, Kim Bum who had some musical performances, as well as Kim Jun along with his 4-member group T-Max; the moment all of them appeared on stage, there was a roar of applaud from the audiences present.

First of all, all of them introduced themselves and gave updates about themselves. After which followed by sharing of interesting episodes during shooting of Boys over Flowers, and then the confession game with the turn of wheel which pushed the event to its climax, and lastly, each of them performed individual songs.

It began with GooHyesun, she sung her self-composed song “Brown colored hair”, this song is a light-tempo bossa nova piece, she composed it in congratulation of the marriage of her agency’s boss. Hyesun with her short boyish hairstyle was especially adorable. Listening to such beautiful voice accompanied by melodious rhythm, every one seemed to have forgotten about the heat outside there.

Next up was Kim Bum. He sung to the japanese version of his song “Heading to meet you now”. Aplenty audiences were indulged in his soft, gentle, silk-like voice. Probably because Kim Bum only began to play band recently, he now seems sexier and more charming apart from his usual cuteness. In addition, he also played guitar following to his 2nd song “Bad case of loving you”, which colored a stark contrast to his previous ballad piece, this time with a strong rocky feel penetrating the atmosphere.

Following Kim Bum was group T-max. They sung “Paradise” which was much familiar to us, and then “Say Yes”. Also, they sung another song of theirs “Don’t be rude”. 2 of the newbie members in the group greeted with much enthusiasm, which gained the applause of audiences present. Leader Min-chul with his skillful vocals, Kim Jun who now looks more gentleman, newbie members Joo Chanyang and Park Hanbi with the refreshing feeling they give off, these 4 form the newly regrouped Tmax, who thus showed their stage-charm never before seen.

The final stage holder was Kim Hyun Joong who is wildly popular. He who now grows a somewhat-long hairstyle accompanied by his sophisticated disposition gives off a very musculine feeling; the moment he appeared, there was an immediate russle amongst the audiences. During his night session, he appeared with a balloon-made dog, which once again caused some commotion from the audiences present. He sung to “Thank you” and “Please be nice to me”, his charming dance moves and beautiful soft voice captivated the hearts of audiences so tightly. Everybody was submerged in his perfect performance amidst all cheers and applauds.

During the final closing stage, everyone appeared together once more and expressed gratitude to all fans present, thus parting goodbye unwillingly.

This BoF alumni event that closed its run successfully under the support of everyone, be it in the hearts of our BoF casts or fans present on that day, it is believed that this event will etch itself deep down in the hearts of everyone.

Both of the events in Osaka and Tokyo will be included in the Boys over Flowers DVD available for sale, you may preorder beginning today (Aug 21) at 10pm.