*News* Kim HyunJoong, Football-Game-Fishing, There’s More Items Beyond That He Couldn’t Give Up?

Source: Newsen
English translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1)
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Find out what the ‘Pretty Man Sculpture’ Kim HyunJoong definitely cannot give up.


There’ll be sequence of Kim HyunJoong’s favourite hobby on 9th of July in the broadcast of SBS E!TV entertainment revelation show ‘StarQ10′


Despite the busy schedules and also his consistent activities in the celebrity football team ‘FC Men’, he is also liked to play online games, even had temporary(impromptu) team match with the fans, providing an excellent fan service.


In addition, his gifted talent in fishing that had appeared on various newspapers, we can also see his fishing appearance in entertainment programmes too.


Also, he will revealed his written piece of poem & his 4-dimensional story along with his literature talents features when he was younger.


However, Kim HyunJoong  also revealed the things he loved so much that he must fulfilled. Kim HyunJoong’s list of items he couldn’t give up will all be revealed on 9th of July in ‘StarQ10′


In conjunction with this episode ‘The Glorious Shining Pretty Man Sculpture Kim HyunJoong From The Head to Toe’, we will uncovered the answers to the never-before-asked 5 keywords relevant to the topic.



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