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*Triple S* Hyung Jun: Hyungjun’s here!! [2011-02-25 15:04:45]

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English translation:

Hi everybody! Hyungjun’s here
It’s my first time leaving an entry here, I feel very excited ne.
I saw all the entries that all of you left here since opening of homepage.^^
Do visit this official Korean homepage often ya.
My album will be out in March so just wait a lil’ longer,
and please give alot of your support for my first solo album.

A bo~nus that I’m attaching with my first entry!
I hope you don’t get shocked when you see this.ㅜㅜ
These days as I was doing my schedules and preparing for my album,
in order to show forth the best of my profile,
I took an injection of vitamin on the day before my MV shooting^^

This’ the proof that I took vitamin injection!!!
I Love Ya’ everybody!

여러분 안녕! 저 형준이가 왔어요
홈페이지에 처음으로 글 남기는데 너무 설레네요.
그래도 오픈하고 여러분들이 남긴 글 봤어요. ^^
한국 공식 홈페이지 많이 방문해주시구요. 3월에 앨범 나오니까 조금만 기다렸다가
저의 첫 솔로 앨범 많이 응원해주세요.

첫 글 남기는 보~너스!
사진 보시고 놀라기 없기.ㅜㅜ
요즘 스케쥴 하면서 앨범 준비하면서 멋진 모습을 보여주기 위해
뮤비 촬영 전날 비타민 주사 맞았어요^^

이게 바로 비타민 주사 인증샷!!!
여러분 살람해요!


*Triple S* Kim Hyung Jun’s Anticipated Solo Debut!

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Source: JJUNAWAY (
Trans: Only Jun (

Kim Hyung Jun Anticipated Solo Debut!

JJUNAWAY Club Members:
All staff that Kim Hyung Jun has always been very supportive of, sincerely report here.

Everyone’s Kim Hyung Jun’s Japan Solo Debut has finally been confirmed!!!
Now a contract has been officially inked with AVEX ENTERTAINMENT which has always obtain very successful results in Japanese sales records with Korean artistes.

As everyone would already know, Hyung Jun is currently performing in Korea for the musical [Café In], after the last performance on the 23rd, he would commence his production for his solo activitiy.

The content that has been tentatively confirmed includes: Besides original Korean version, Japanese version is also being prepared, new songs’ Music Video and Off Shot images, as well as a deluxe photo spread booklet. CD will have 3 different packaging and will be released on 23 March.

Kim Hyung Jun personally expressed that “Really delighted to be working with AVEX, I’m looking with anticipation and passion towards this new start. From now on will work hard in the style of Kim Hyung Jun while being active in both countries, Korea and Japan.

On 19 February, at Shinagawa Stella Ball [Kim Hyung Jun Japan 1st Party in Tokyo] will introduce this work in advance to all fans.
Look forward to the new image of Hyung Jun who has grown since his time in SS501.

JJUNAWAY members who place reservations at AVEX Marketing Operated Mu-Mo online shop are entitled to special gifts. They also are entitled to take part in the high-five session on 19 February at Shinagawa Stella Ball.

As you all know, if you purchase from here sales would be reflected in the Oricon Chart, so everyone please gather your strength to allow Hyung Jun’s first solo work to enter into Top 10!

Will begin sales on 24 Janurary 2011 (Mon) at noon
※Please place your advance reservations at “JJUNAwAY OFFICIAL SHOP” at the fan club website “JJUNAWAY”

■mu-mo shop
Will begin sales on 24 Janurary 2011 (Mon) at noon

Kim Hyung Jun Avex Offcial Site:
※Please visit the site only after 5:00AM

*Triple S* Jungmin’s THANKS TO from Not Alone album

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Credit: 뉴스플뽐 님@ss601 (for typing it out from the album)
English translation:

I would like to express my gratitude through penning it here to the many people who has helped to release my album! I’ve been living in the much blessings of God.

To my beloved dad and mom who’s suffered because of this very problematic kid..! When I return to home at dawn, they definitely don’t fail to wake up and prepare healthy meals for me… Always sorry but I love you! (even when I make uncalled talks at times, but because they are my closest mom and dad, I’m sure they will forgive me right?^^ Love ya~~!!)

Our very kind sister..! Sorry for having you to inflict wounds on me with your stern talks! Yeah anyway get yourself a boyfriend soon and move to your hubby’s home already!~ Move it!

As well as our beloved brother, sister-in-law, and His Majesty…! Fighting as always – healthily and courageously!^^

As well as our charismatic CNR Media’s Na Kwang-hoon CEO nim who has always dearly looked after me though I was still very much imperfect, WoDeLaoBan (mandarin; meaning my boss)!! WoDeBaBa (mandarin; meaning my daddy)~! Thank you. (Thanks to our lady boss as well! Hoping the kid will be born healthily too!^^)

As well as our adorable co-CEO Kim Tae-hyung ajussi..! Your excuse of not having any girlfriends due to your hardworking pains my heart..but the fact that you always work hard in whatever you do makes me thankful. But keep working harder!

As well as NaiNai (mandarin; grandma), Ahma (mandarin; granny)~! Cute granny, our director Wendy nim… The Mandarin teacher..!! Let’s work harder and move to the 30-storeys high building ya, aja aja!!

As well as our so-ever-talkative and passionate mom~~ Nam Ji-yeon director~! Thank you for always fighting and fighting~ You are already down with health issues, so don’t push too much further ya~!!^^

As well as our new staff – Jinah, Hun-hee ssi~! You guys are very very precious treasures, you don’t know how fortunate we are to have you with us..! Let’s get closer as we form our huge business ya!

As well as our very charismatic director Kim Bum-jun nim who has become a part of our family, and also to our Hong Seung-sung director who is of a huge support for us — thank you.

Not forgetting about our beauty centre’s staff members who make us look so yummilicious handsome, I want to say thank you too. And our Seo-yoon nuna who always preach so fast in such a weird manner whom I dont-know-why I’m close to! We’ve gotta make a trip to Taiwan together!!

As well as our pretty Shin-ae teacher who resembles Kyungho ajussi~hh.. Again, thank you to our friendly staff and employees.

As well as to our An Sung-yeon Director nim who always gave me flattering stylings and made me a fashionista – please give me your guidance in future too! Thank you to Geum-nam nuna too for always being there for me no matter what kind of matter I may have!!^^

As well as our Seung-hoon hyung who rears this flower boy with beautiful complexion (who is me) through-out Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter! You’re the best~!

As well as the secret to my body! The daughter of blood-vessel therapy — SkinStar family, thank you!

Our Hong Jang-hyun director and staff who make me go ‘indeed (awesome massaging)!!, no matter how many times we congregate together to do blood vessel therapy’ — thank you very much! Also, to our Johnny Brothers Hong Won-gi PD, Lee Sang-ho PD, Kwon Jin-mo PD who are always with me, thank you very much. Much hard work from all of our countless staff! Thank you!

As well as our Horaeng hyung (Shinsadong Tiger) who delivered the songs so late and can truly anxiously murder people~! Thanks alot for having worked so hard~ Indeed, Horaengi is the trend! But, if it happens again the next time I’m gonna catch you straight! hh..

As well as our Kang Hyun-min teacher who’s been with us in this period of time too? Senior? Hyung? Truly thank ya~! It’s a lovely song the moment it rings around the ear..! It’s struck a sensation already! At least it will be with us!! Lo..Like! kk..

As well as Sangwon hyung, Yoonwon ssi, Yeonjung ssi, Steven hyung who would like to compose again~~! Very thanks to all of you!^^

Also, to our Han Won-jong hyung who teached me how to sing in a so-ever-charismatic manner! Thanks~~ Though we have more chit-chats than straight lessons~! hh, was so enjoyable!

As well as Shin Sung-won teacher who aided me in how to become an amazing actor, thank you~! I need to become an actor who can deliver with my eyes, and, my heart.

As well as Ok-soon teacher, Hyun-won hyung, Min-bum hyung, Hak ajussi, Gunja, Syndorim, Maknae, thank you for being together for this time’s chereography team, thank you for the powerful cheoreography.

As well as to Na Jung-yoon professor who willingly ‘lent’ his students for this time’s music video, very thank you!!

As well as to our Royal Avenue’s family members. We need to keep fighting fighting to create business records!

As well as to our DSP CEO Lee Ho-yeon nim who made me where I am now, and of course to our lady boss and also inclusive of all other company employees, I wish to say thank you. (I miss all of you very very much!!~ Though we do see one another sometimes… But because we are all scattered around like this now, one by one…one by one… All of you, I miss you all so much..!! By the way, Jin-hee nuna! Nono, Junchul reporter nim pasted ‘PJM Donation’ on the outfits that I bought and placed in the rehearsal room~ Or didn’t?? hh)

As well as, though we are all dispersed around now… Keep guarding by SS501… Will definitely deliver right before your eyes..kk

Also, more than anything – because all of thee are reading this for now, and so I exist. I will never forget! All TripleS, Thank You.

*Triple S* SS501 Twitter Update

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Credits : xiaochu @

2011-01-19 @ 11:58pm
^^ It’s coming out now~~!!heehee

2011-01-19 @ 6:32pm
@Steven_Lee_ Steven!! You are best MUSICIAN !! I miss you TT TT Korea is extremely cold. Hyung~~!!!!!

2011-01-19 @ 2:14am
@501gamedan Please convey my word of thanks to many who went for the audition!

2011-01-20 @ 4:24pm
@JungMin0403 Wow!! Do well for your first broadcast~~keke Smash the performance!!
*Smash the performance – that’s the literal translation, think it meant to do really well

2011-01-20 @ 1:10pm
@JungMin0403 Hwairing~~~ See you on Saturday!!!

2011-01-20 @ 12:38pm
Now on my way to broadcast station ^^ Please support my first broadcast (performance)

2011-01-20 @ 12:31pm

2011-01-20 @ 3:50am
@JungMin0403 I made an international order of your album from USA ^^ Work hard for your activities and Daebak Daebak!!

2011-01-20 @ 3:49am
@2kjdream Let’s meet soon, please wait for awhile ^^ Miss you lots. Not freezing to death right? TT T It’s warm in California, now

2011-01-20 @ 3:05am
20110120 will be a number that I cannot forget.

2011-01-20 @ 1:14am
@JungMin0403 MV is great!!! heehee Do well for the first broadcast (performance) tomorrow!!!!!!!!!^^ ~~ Call me man!!!~
*keke.. Kyu is so into English these days. biggrin.gif He wrote in Konglish ‘call me man’

2011-01-20 @ 12:58am
Finally Park JungMin’s album has been released^^ Please give it lots of love^^


2011-01-21 @ 2:45pm
@JUNGYEON1023 Please devote yourself to it Team Leader Won! Always deliver the perfect quality and service to customers please

2011-01-21 @ 2:44pm
“@501gamedan: First broadcast this evening at 5pm through mbc game channel~! Hope for many to tune in^^”

2011-01-21 @ 2:44pm
@LSOpd SoonOk sister~
*he wrote sister in konglish

2011-01-21 @ 2:16pm
@HyungJun87 Interesting interesting^^ Praying for daebak!!!

2011-01-21 @ 12:59pm
@HyungJun87 Today’s order for Piropiro is all out again.. currently taking emergency supply from the warehouse…Where are you?ke

2011-01-21 @ 12:32pm
@JUNGYEON1023 Team leader~ Do it right!

2011-01-21 @ 11:49am
@JUNGYEON1023 Monkey

2011-01-21 @ 11:47am
RT @HyungJun87: On 21-Jan at 5pm in MBC Game, I will start to become the game team’s team leader. Please look forward to it ^^

2011-01-21 @ 11:54am
@HyungJun87 Ack? Mr Representative Jun?? I am big shot Team Leader Soong kekekeke

2011-01-21 @ 10:21am
@jinhoda Gamdok-nim~
*Gamdok is director, in this context, it should be manager? director of his MBC game team?

2011-01-21 @ 10:30am
@HyungJun87 Jjun-ah~! Praying for DaeBak~! Watched abit of it and seems interesting~ ^^

2011-01-21 @ 12:36am
On 21-Jan at 5pm in MBC Game, I will start to become the game team’s team leader. Please look forward to it ^^

*Triple S* SS501 Twitter Update

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Credits : xiaochu @

2011-01-17 @ 7:07pm
RT @HyungJun87: @501gamedan Our game team is the best!!

2011-01-17 @ 4:26pm
@501gamedan Our game team is the best!!

2011-01-17 @ 3:58pm
Yoohoot~~I am receiving love!!!^^*

KyuJong changed his DP yet again!

Credits : xiaochu @

2011-01-18 12:32pm
@2kjdream ok~!!man~!!~*^^*Let’s meet after you return from Japan~*^^*

2011-01-18 @ 11:16am
@2kjdream Even though it is not as cold as Korea, but because of high humidity, still feels chilly!! Dress up warmly when you come!!!

2011-01-18 @ 11:11am
@woosangil I don’t know TT I will ask uncle HyungJin hee!! Hyung, Korea is really cold TT How is it over there?!~

2011-01-18 @ 11:10am
@hyeongjin2 Gogosing!!!^^ Drive carefully, be careful of catching a cold!!!!~~~ heehee

2011-01-18 @ 11:10am
@parkggang37 Be careful of catching a cold !!^^ Should we meet after I return safely from Japan?~~

2011-01-18 @ 9:39am
@hyeongjin2 @2kjdream What time is the flight~?

2011-01-18 @ 9:13am
@2kjdream Oh~~~You woke up early heehee. Hyung is also on my way to Jongno now keke. Gogosing to the Embassy~~~

2011-01-18 @ 9:03am
@2kjdream Good Morning~*^^*

2011-01-18 @ 8:24am
@kkangjii Happy birthday^^!!! heehee When are we going to eat delicious food?~ It’s cold these days, take care not to catch a cold!!! ~~~

*Triple S* HJ Official Mobile Site Blog – HyunJoong: Hello. This is Hyun Joong

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Chinese Translation: 雨涵 @
English translation:
Please repost with full credit

Good afternoon~ I am HyunJoong.

It is already year 2011.

Currently I am making my new album.

Actually my hand writting is not very beautiful, don’t very like to write a letter, but because the Japan fans hope to have my hand written letter, so I have written with care. In the new year I want to present a good album and product and is a little nervous. In the new year hope everybody will be healthy and will have a lot of happy things.

God of Universe.

*Triple S* SS501 Twitter Update!

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Credits : xiaochu @

2011-01-14 @ 11:57pm
@eunjinsocial Hahaha…!!! ^^ I followed so well like that…?!! heehee Let us all come together for once, after such a long time!!!!!~~~

2011-01-14 @ 11:57pm
@TaewanakaCLuv Hyung!!!! heehee First, we should meet up heehee ^^ !! Let’s meet up and have a place of conversation!~~ hee

2011-01-15 @ 6:40pm
@2kjdream Saw it now!! Heehee Found the photos in HongKong (fan meeting) pretty~~^^*Be careful of catching flu and come to play when I make my comeback (stage)!!^^*

2011-01-15 @ 6:05pm
Looking at sketchbook and doing what~ke

2011-01-15 @ 3:54pm
Reciting letter…. Mr Kim HyungJun

2011-01-15 @ 1:29pm
-16 degrees! It’s very cold~! I hope everyone will dress warmly… I wish that it will be less colder during my showcase TT T

2011-01-15 @ 12:05am
@2kjdream O K~ Call~^^