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*Info* HJL Official Mobile Site Blog – Good time in Japan No.2 [10.01.11]

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Staff Blog
Happy time in Japan 2
2011/1/10/ DA staff T
Now will tell everyone how hyun joong spent his time in Japan last month.

Last time, wrote about hyun joong went to shopping after eating his favourite spicy ramen.

With the help of the shop assistant, he also bought a nice binnie that he liked.

In other free time, he just played i-pod and watched movies with our staffs, although it was a short stay but he enjoyed it very much.

Also, like stated in the news, he attended MBC drama awards, after that , he attended the drama’s wrap up party.

He spent the new year traveling to other country with his family.

Even though he has a busy schedule, but it’s time to rest for a while during the new year.


*News* Admires Andy Lau, Kim Kyu Jong venture into acting

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[News][2011.01.08] Kim KyuJong admires Andy Lau

2 members from South Korea Male Group SS501, Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng arrived at Hong Kong to hold their fan meeting. Kim KyuJong expressed that he has already started acting, and revealed that he very admire Andy Lau and Jacky Chan, while Heo YoungSaeng will release his solo album next month.

Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng always attended activites together currently, making their relationship to become more strong, but Kim KyuJong revealed originally he thought that Heo YoungSaeng is very cool, after understanding and communicating, felt that he is very thoughtful towards others, Kim KyuJong said: “No matter how tired, YoungSaeng will first take care of others.” On the other hand, Heo YoungSaeng think that Kim KyuJong is very easy going, “When I thought of during the time when 5 of us is together, there are bound to be dispute or fight, but KyuJong was always take the role of the middle person, solving the dispute and calming the atmosphere.”

[News][2011.01.08] Admires Andy Lau, Kim KyuJong venture into acting

English translation:
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SS501 2 members Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng yesterday held their large scale fan meeting “KyuJong and YoungSaeng AND Story in Hong Kong”. After arrival in Hong Kong the day before yesterday, many major media has made exclusive interview with them. Kim KyuJong expressed, it had been more than a year plus since their last visit to Hong Kong, and that was when 5 of them came together, this round although there are only Heo YoungSaeng and him, but fans are still as passionate as usual. making them very touched. Two of them expressed in future they wish to go towards the direction of acting, and treat Andy Lau as their goal.

Heo YoungSaeng expressed, the last time when he visited Hong Kong he had went to Lan Kwai Fung for entertainment, but due to crowded they were forced to leave early, this time the schedule is also very tight, so he think he has no chance to visit there again. He seemed to not forgetting Lan Kwai Fung, is it because he loves to drink? He immediately smiled and denied, and insisted that only when together with a group of friends and to join in the fun then he would drink. When the other SS501 members are free, they will also meet to drink, having very good relationship, sometimes will also reminiscence about times when 5 of them were at back stage, the lively atmosphere in the past.

Growing together, strengthen relationship
Heo YoungSaeng currently having activities with Kim KyuJong, making their relationship to strengthen, during the interview, 2 of them kept whispering to each others ears and joking, just like brothers that went thru all thick and think, Heo YoungSaeng said: “I am most admired of Kyu Jong’s easy going character, he could get along with anybody.” When Kim KyuJong prepared to open his mouth, Heo YoungSaeng jokingly opened up both of his hands: “Don’t laugh, just said to you .” Actually Kim KyuJong originally think that his team mate is very cool, after getting along then realized that he is very thoughtful to others and is very meticulous, “No matter how tired, he will take care of others first, also considerate of others feeling.” after finish talking both of them glance at each other and smile.

*Photo* Kim Kyu Jong & Heo Young Saeng on OK Magazine

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Credit: @chobeeSS501

*Info/Photo* Kim Hyun Joong “Boys Over Flower” Reunion in Osaka Report

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Photo of Hyun Joon’s luggage on the platform of Hamamatsu station , taken by one of lafone’s blog readers.

According to lafone, a wedding scene will be taken during the shooting tour together with a group of fans which will be included in First Love Story DVD.


Boys Over Flowr Reunion Report
courtesy of lafone /

In the entrance of the hall, there were many beautiful flower stands, the majority of which were addressed to “SS501 Kim Hyun Joong nim”

KHJ started from greeting “
Maido” , a typical Osaka Hello (* Osaka is a city of small business. Maido is an abbreviation of “Thank you always” ) which made all the audience laugh. You can identify the pictures between daytime and evening by his costume and hair style. He was dressed in beige suite with a bit rumpled hair.

In reply to MC’s question, “ Are there any happenings during the shooting?” , he answered that they had just finished shooting of episodes 1 and 2, and therefore the fact he was here now is “ happening” He will have to work hard, maybe spending overnights immediately after he’s back to Korea. In two years after “BOF”, he was not confident about acting the role of “highschool student”, but everybody said that he looks terrific in school uniform. In addition to the comments about 3-times per day shaving he mentioned before, he also said that he was very careful about skin conditions as well as hair-color to make him teenager. It is amazing that he already had gray hair and that’s why he pays special attention to the coloring now.

After the teaser MV of Playful Kiss which even Hyunjoong has never seen, he said that from the episode 6, he would be “university student”, asking the audience to download the Playful Kiss from MBC to watch on realtime.

There was also a typical Korean game, “ Tell truth or drink alcohol”Kim Jun hit 6 times ! KHJ tried to help Kim Jun, but again it was Kim Jum who got a penalty.

In KHJ’s turn, the question was “ What about your sensual place? Ku Jumpyo’s sensual point was “ear”, right?” Hyun Joong answered in Japanese “ forehead temple” which put the audience into an exlosion of laugh.

About the question about his aspiration in future, he answered “ stage performance “ in the daytime and “ album production “ in the evening. During the daytime session, there was no camera for recording. When he answered “ stage performance”, his eyes seemed to be wet. He talked much in Japanese and freely during the daytime session.

Hyung Joong went to dinner in Osaka together with Kim Jun and Kim Bum, coming back to hotel 1 am, leaving the hotel at 7:30 am in the morning. He was very cheerful to the fans, waving his hands from the car when he left the hotel.

*Video* Kim Hyun Joong “Playful Kiss” interview @ YSTAR New

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Interview translation:

Hello all. This is Kim HyunJoong who will be acting as Baek Seung-jo in Playful Kiss.
Ne, for a friend like Baek Seung-jo, he is one with has an IQ exceeding 200; he’s No.1 in sports, No.1 in culinery, No.1 in academics… Whatever it may be, he’s a multi-talented friend. But he’s easily annoyed to anything at all, a little selfish annoyable guy who doesn’t care for anyone else other than himself. Yet still, at a corner in his heart, he has this soft and delicate side to him. Yeah, he’s a character like that.

Hi, Jung So min here. I will be playing Oh Hani in the drama. She’s a character who, despite not able to do anything well at all, has this perseverance to push forward in any thing. She’s cute and lovable.

Hi, I’m Lee Taesung who plays Bong Jungu in the drama, nice to meet you. In the drama, I like Hani whole-heartedly…and is a comical character who is very manly and is full of drive.

HJ: In my previous drama I already wore uniform. To think that I’ll be wearing uniform again in just mere 2 years, so it seems like those refreshed memories are flashing past by again, in the previous drama it was like that, and now in this too. Be it in acting, or details, I will show and do better than the previous drama.

HJ: To the audiences who will be tuning in to “Playful Kiss”, in a shooting environment like this, I will work hard with our wonderful seniors and actors, so please show much love to “Playful Kiss”. Hopefully you would tune in on Wed-Thurs. Channel Lock-in!

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong ~ HOTSUN chicken world cup soccer event “KOREA Reds”

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Another event from HOTSUN chicken ^^

This time is about the coming world cup soccer.

We all know Hyun Joong like to play soccer so I think he is very representative of this event..hehehe

Here is the promotional images and event details:

[HOTSUN Chicken] Republic of Korea origin of the round of 16! KOREA Reds 400 people will be screened.

Hotsun chicken May 1, “the origin of 16 Republic of Korea!! KOREA Reds 400 people selected,” the event is in progress.

The event World Cup 16, Hotsun Chicken customers with ready to celebrate with emotion and joy as the origin of the 2002 World Cup final round of 4.

The event is in progress from May 1 to May 31, and offered to buy the chicken, application volume is provided.  Will draw 400 people to participate in the event of Republic of Korea VS Greece on June 12 with a win at the 63 IMAX theater building and tried to cheer the origin.

T-shirts for those who cheer you become a winning two-in, support tool, you can watch the show I mentioned last batter Fantastic.

Event website:

SS501 Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun couple nominated @ Mnet “Music Quiz”

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So are you a member of Mnet???

If so, you can help and vote for our boys Jung Min and Hyung Jun ^0^

Yes… another voting to do again…

And this one is pretty interesting

The title is “If any of the following pair of friend is good fit like lovers?”

Interesting… right??? kekeke…

Tom and Jerry pair is nominated… do you think they are good fit like lovers ^0^

If so, you can vote for them in the following webpage:

You need to login before voting

Then follow the image instruction to vote:

After voting, you will be direct to the result page

Recent result:

Our boys are leading far from the others