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*Photo* Kyu Jong – 韩流ぴあ (Japanese magazine)

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*Photo* YoungSaeng & KyuJong exercising in One to One Exercising Club

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Credit: One to One official blog (
Chinese translation: redcat111@Kyu’s (
English translation:

Kim Kyu Jong exercising

Working hard to exercise because of activities
also need to practice acting and singing
Looking forward to his handsome appearance this year
Exercising his chest with a certain coach.

Heo Young Saeng who is exercising at One to One

Working hard to exercise just for his solo activities
Looking forward to good songs in this year
Although its hard, please tolerate for a little while

*News* SS501 Kim KyuJong, Sel-ca Resembling Kim HyunJoong Attracts Attention

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SS501 Kim KyuJong released a photo which resembles a lot like Kim HyunJoong.

Kim KyuJong uploaded a photo together with a message ‘Green peas, I miss you . . . I miss you very much !!!! Let’s meet soon^^!!!!!! How pretty you are!! Green peas are great~~~ he!!!’ on 3-Mar at about 1pm.

Green peas is the name of SS501′s fanclub (*obviously it’s not.. it’s just a nick the boys call their fans)

In the photo, Kim KyuJong is dressed comfortably with a shy expression, sending his greetings to his fans.

Fans commented ‘Seems like you are looking increasingly like HyunJoong oppa’, ‘I thought that was HyunJoong oppa photo!’

Kim KyuJong ended his exclusive contract on SS501 with DSP Media last year and moved over to B2M Entertainment which also houses Lee Hyori.


*News* The Unveiling Of Melo-drama {PIANISSIMO} Mystery Which Was Called “Super Star” Previously

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Source: newsdaily
Credit: 피오나 @PJMIFC
Chinese to English Translation:
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A production by eight popular directors, starring over 30 K-wave stars with the topic: “Super Star” on publicity posters, is finally revealed as melo-drama “PIANISSIMO” which aroused heated discussions.

The drama which is making the asian fans excited “PIANISSIMO” which exudes “Come & Goes in Silence” as a theme for all the different love stories. The drama with a total of 8 episodes (Black City, Never Ending Love, Happy Fiction, Love is You, Neddlestick down Grape Prince (slam10: sorry, don’t really how to translate this so I literally translate it), Mobius, Magic Hour and Meet), which are presented by the Hallayu stars and famous creative directors for the elements of the melo-drama.

The drama includes SS501 members Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun, Park Jung Min, singer Moon Hee Jun, Son Ho Young, Nam Gyu-ri, Tei, Bae Seul Ki, Seo Ji Young, Ex-member of Baby V.OX Shim Eun Jin, Kim EZ, Kong Hyun Joo, Hong Jong Oh, Park Ki Ung, Lee Tae Sung, Hong Soo Hyun, Won Jun Choi etc represented by 30 over korean stars. As they have singers participating, acting in this drama for the 1st time, so you will get a different feeling when watching this drama.

Recently, in a newcomer singer, Eiki, music mv “Tearing”, they used the scenes from SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Son Ho Young and Bae Seul Ki [Black City] which caused a topic.

Mainly with K-wave Music Artist acting in this Melo-drama<Pianissimo> estimated to break television drama’s sterotypes at the same time inciting another K-wave. The programme is scheduled to meet fans early 2011.

*News* SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong gives KARA some advice

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Source + Photos: Korea Economy via Daum
Credit: VITALSIGN @ Allkpop

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong gave his thoughts on the KARA dispute with DSP Media through an interview with Daily Sports.

KARA’s former labelmate expressed, “I might have to give the girls a light clout when I see them. It’s upsetting that such a situation arose when they were doing so well. No matter what agency they go to, they have to remain as one. I hope they never forget that.”

Kim Kyu Jong continued, “I’ve been watching over KARA since they were trainees, so it feels good to see the level of popularity they’ve achieved in Japan. It’s only just now that they’re finally harvesting the fruits of their labor, but it’s upsetting that this had to happen. I hope that they don’t become swayed by the words of those around them, and focus on gathering their opinion as one.”

Kim Kyu Jong left DSP Media in 2010 and is now a part of B2M Entertainment.

*Video* Triple S Philippines Fanvid in Manila

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Credit: triplesph @ YT

*Product* KyuJong & YoungSaeng Buttons

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