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*News* Kim HyunJoong vs Ji Changuk, Abs Revealed ‘This is the Finest Body’

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Source: Nate
English translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1
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Singer Kim HyunJoong & actor Ji Changuk’s firm chocolate abs revealed have become a topic among netizens.

In Mnet 20′s Choice on last 7th of July at Wakerhill Hotel River Park, Seoul, Kim HyunJoong who performed his latest solo title track ‘Break Down’ in his performance, he revealed his firm abs, receiving hot cheerings from the female fans.

Especially Kim HyunJoong did not only expose his abs, at the same time, his perfect stage performance was overflowed with manly beauty and charisma, receiving many positive feedbacks from the audiences.

At the same time, Ji Changuk’s firm abs that was revealed also obtained a hot discussion. On the last 28th of June, Ji Changuk shared his latest photo on Twitter. It can be seen through the photo that loves outdoor exercises while having a perfect chocolate abs.

Netizens have commented on these two person’s fine abs, ‘Perfect man without any flaws’, ‘So you two have been hiding your abs like this’, ‘Feels like finding the pearl in the sand’, ‘Looks like one of the perfect figures’, ‘Although the abs is similar, it feels different.’, ‘How can I resist this perfections’, ‘Kept looking at this’, ‘Even guys would get jealous after seeing this’, etc of reactions can be seen.

Additionally, Kim HyunJoong will start his Asia Tour to meet his international fans next month, starting from Japan, while Ji Changuk are filiming for the SBS drama ‘Warrior Baek Dongsu’ where he is the lead cast.


*News* Kim HyunJoong, Football-Game-Fishing, There’s More Items Beyond That He Couldn’t Give Up?

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Source: Newsen
English translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1)
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Find out what the ‘Pretty Man Sculpture’ Kim HyunJoong definitely cannot give up.


There’ll be sequence of Kim HyunJoong’s favourite hobby on 9th of July in the broadcast of SBS E!TV entertainment revelation show ‘StarQ10′


Despite the busy schedules and also his consistent activities in the celebrity football team ‘FC Men’, he is also liked to play online games, even had temporary(impromptu) team match with the fans, providing an excellent fan service.


In addition, his gifted talent in fishing that had appeared on various newspapers, we can also see his fishing appearance in entertainment programmes too.


Also, he will revealed his written piece of poem & his 4-dimensional story along with his literature talents features when he was younger.


However, Kim HyunJoong  also revealed the things he loved so much that he must fulfilled. Kim HyunJoong’s list of items he couldn’t give up will all be revealed on 9th of July in ‘StarQ10′


In conjunction with this episode ‘The Glorious Shining Pretty Man Sculpture Kim HyunJoong From The Head to Toe’, we will uncovered the answers to the never-before-asked 5 keywords relevant to the topic.


*News* Kim HyunJoong, ‘Wears His Self-Design 30 Similar Sets of Capri Pants Everyday’

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Source: Nate
English translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1)
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Singer Kim HyunJoong revealed his very unique clothing sense.

In the last 7 days where he recorded Mnet Beatles Code, Kim HyunJoong revealed his ideal (fashion) style is his particular interest.

He said, ‘The grey capri pants that I personally liked very much aren’t selling anymore, so I went to the factory directly and designed 30 sets on my own.’ ‘Everyday when I go out, I’ll wear that pants together with the necklace & watch.’, revealing his very own unique fashion style.

Additionally, ‘It’s the same with my diet, if there’s only one type of food available on the menu, I’ll eat that only. During my activities in Japan previously, I ate gyudon for 6 months because that’s the only food available. Now I’m eating kalmaegi meat’, exposing his distinct dietary habit.

*News* Kim HyunJoong, Exposed His Hips in Bali Pictorial Shooting

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Source: Nate
English translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1)
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The story about singer-actor Kim HyunJoong exposing his hips is revealed.

In the recording of KBS2 TV [Declaration of Freedom Saturday – Secret], Kim HyunJoong’s best friend health trainer will revealed a series of stories about what happened during the time they went to Bali together.

Kim HyunJoong’s health trainer said, ‘Because of Kim HyunJoong have a perfect body figure, he had exposed a lot. The pictorial shooting car also went to Bali for the shooting, and Kim HyunJoong’s hips was exposed in the pool.’, Kim HyunJoong was looking embarrassed.

The story of ‘hips area exposed’ had given a shock to all the casts on the scene. After the invited guests had watched the VCR, they agreed that Hanryu stars should be well-protected, that Kim HyunJoong should be protected.

To find out the reason why Kim HyunJoong’s hips was exposed, don’t forget to catch [Declaration of Freedom – Secret] on 9th of July, 5.35pm.

*News* Lee Na Young and Kim Hyun Joong are nicknamed “the superior couple”

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Source: TV Report via Nate
Credit: heartfacee @ Allkpop

Lee Na Young and Kim Hyun Joong got nicknamed as the “superior couple”, thanks to their good looks.

The two stars were paired to endorse a CF for ‘Coupang‘, in which they play two characters from a ’90s animation series called “Galaxy Railways 999“.

Although they’re both spokesmodels for ‘Coupang’, they were brought together for the first time through this recent video shoot. Still, staff on set report that they created great chemistry, and worked well together.

A rep on set said, “This ad will feature Korea’s best lovebird couple. Their synergy will be felt by our consumers.”

*News* Kim Hyun Joong, beat Song Joongki – DaeSeong and got No.1 ‘Male Star that you wanted to spend new school term with’

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News Courtesy Newsen + (eng trans)
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Kim Hyun Joong has been chosen as the No.1 ‘Male Star that you wanted to spend new school term with’.
Music website Monkey 3 from 24 Feb to 2 Mar for a duration of 7 days, targeted at 1231 person and did a survey with the theme ”The Male Star that you wanted to spend new school term with’. The poll return with result Kim Hyun Joong at 41% (500 votes) high score and got Number 1.

Most voters whom chose Kim Hyun Joong explained the reasons behind ‘His 4D, off the wall character is very interesting, seem will be very fun to be with him.’

-Others omitted-

*News* RANDAOM News about Kim Hyung Jun Showcase & Album

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Kim HyungJun, 1st in M-countdown… Craze Prior to Album Release?

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

With the upcoming first solo album ‘my girl’ activities, Kim HyungJun (SS501)’s pre-released song ‘Girl’ took the 1st place in broadcast M-countdown pre-event voting, beating Big Bang in the online Asia music fan voting, creating attention over Kim HyungJun craze prior to his album release.

This poll/voting was held from 4-Mar till 9am 7-Mar, the pre-released song ‘Girl’ won the 1st place in M-Countdown Asia Music Fan Voting and monopolize the popularity in Asia, his title song for this solo album ‘oH aH’ has also created interests in the public.

Kim HyungJun, who will start his activities with his first solo album, successfully held a showcase on 5-Mar, passionately performing all the songs, gaining an explosion of interests in internet boards and among fans. Immediately after its release, ‘Girl’ received great popularity and won the 1st place (29.4%) in M-Countdown rankings beating Big Bang ‘Tonight’ (28.5%) and MBLAQ ‘Again’ (23.8%), proving once again Kim HyungJun’s hot popularity spreading across Asia.

This week’s M-Countdown ranking computation is based on 30% mp3 sales, 20% album sales, 15% Asia Fan Voting, 10% preference from music-related people, 15% real-time chart ranking, 10% SMS voting.

Released through his showcase, ‘Girl’ displays a masculine while dynamic dance, receiving enthusiastic response from fans. Title song ‘oH aH’ for his upcoming activities, and ‘Heaven’, ‘Not other women but you’ which he has taken part in writing the lyrics, Kim HyungJun’s first solo album gathered great interests and created huge anticipation for his activities.

Multi entertainer Kim HyungJun (SS501) will be releasing his first solo album on midnight of 8-Mar, and starting with the album activities in Korea, he will have large-scale promotional activities in Japan and other countries, gaining even more concerns from reporters and fans towards Kim HyungJun’s wonderful path ahead.

Park JungMin attended Kim HyungJun Showcase, Shows off their ‘Goosebump Affection’?

Credits : SSTV + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Park JungMin attended Kim HyungJun’s showcase, showing his loyalty.

Kim HyungJun held his first mini album ‘My Girl’ showcase in the afternoon on 5-Mar, at Gaia Theatre, ChungJung-ro, Seoul.

In the showcase, Kim HyungJun released his title song ‘oH! aH!’ and other new songs as well as music videos. SS501 member Park JungMin and Kim HyungJun’s brother, KiBum also attended which graced the showcase even more.

After the showcase ended, Kim HyungJun conveyed his thoughts in the press conference “I was very nervous as I have prepared this first solo album for a long time. I will work hard to show an image of a rookie singer Kim HyungJun who returned as solo.”

Kim HyungJun said about his first solo activity “I knew it is different from the times I did activities with SS501 members and now doing activities alone. There are also many difficult things, but because the members who were always by my side were not around me now, I have to handle it alone and now I’ve overcome the difficulties.”

He continued, saying his thankfulness towards his members, “The members gave me lots of support through (telephone) calls. They encouraged me and told me to work hard in the name of SS501.”

Kim HyungJun’s first mini album ‘My Girl’ is about the yearnings towards love, and the basic overall message of his album is conveying that Kim HyungJun would like to reach out a helping hand towards his fans.

Kim HyungJun will release his album locally on 8-Mar and will engage into his promotional activities in Asia regions.